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Three key A/V features with recent updates that you need to implement right away

The new year is well underway — and, as well all know, so are meetings. Thankfully, audiovisual technology makes it easy to collaborate and get things done, whether that’s in a conference room with a large group or across many miles and multiple locations. Not only is A/V technology dynamic and interactive – its features also bring beneficial to the rooms that in turn create better workspaces in conference and huddle rooms. Here’s a quick look at some of the recently updated and dynamic audiovisual features for meeting spaces and open work environments:

Sound Masking

Sound masking helps to minimize distractions and maintain a level of privacy within your space, especially when it comes to large, shared work spaces or expansive open areas. Sound masking is not technically noise cancelling because it doesn’t infuse added sound. Sound masking systems simply reduce noises that would otherwise be distracting by essentially creating sound zones and covering up sound, making distant conversations (anywhere from 15 feet or so away) harder to overhear, resulting in less distraction for others. Sound zones sound pretty cool, right? Think of this as improving the ‘hum’ of an office without adding to the noise and allowing face-to-face conversations to take place without adding to the overall noise. A great deal of research has been conducted recently, studying the effects of unwanted noise on focus, stress and productivity. More and more, scientists are finding that sound-masking technology can help workers achieve greater results by aiding them in their quest for quiet. As we’ve seen in our installations, sound-masking technology is idea for medical offices, courtrooms, large offices, public areas and more.

Smart Boards

As teams brainstorm new concepts, the key is to do so without losing their big ideas or major solutions to time or accidental erasure — and to use a smart board system that’s seamless in the creative process and not clunky or confusing to use. New systems even allow collaboration with team members that are out of the office, out of the state or even out of the country, just like they were in the room with you. Want to collaborate on a design spec or draw out a new process? Use a smart board. Need to allow multiple people to provide instant input on how something will look and act in practical use? A smart board allows that — and more.

Digital Signage Solutions

In 2019, expect to see even more show-stopping video walls and digital signage software to attract attention, inform customers and gain new business. Colorful animation, attention-grabbing graphics, videos and so much more will be everywhere as the technology and ease of use improves — but, key to these new features is how they’re used; without the right design flow and coordinated flow patterns, you risk confusing customers, providing an unpleasant viewing experience… or simply looking like a bad billboard in Las Vegas. That’s where Trinity’s design and engineering team comes in. We’ll work together to understand your digital signage needs and work with you to design a completely unique video wall or a digital sign that will set you apart from the competition.


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