Conference Huddle Rooms: The Future of Collaboration

We all know collaboration is essential to innovation in any field. Many companies have even opted for open floor plans to foster professional interactivity and collaboration. Though open office environments come with a host of benefits, they also come with a few challenges. Collaboration can prove difficult to pull off in these environments without disturbing the rest of office or becoming distracted yourself. Instead of using one large conference room, many companies are opting for smaller meeting spaces specifically designed for collaboration.

The concept of creating separate workspaces designed for collaboration isn’t new. In 2011, Adam Richardson wrote of the benefits of a separate collaborative within an open office. Though the idea has been around for a while, increasingly advanced technology is pushing the concept even further.

What Exactly is a Huddle Room?

A conference huddle room is a small break out space where your employees can meet, brainstorm, and collaborate. If you’re a company that’s looking to push the envelope when it comes to cutting-edge communications, you’ll need the right technology to make the most of it. When equipped with the appropriate technology, these huddle rooms will provide a range of benefits, including opportunities for video conferencing, wireless connectivity, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) content sharing. And when outfitted with the right technology, these meeting spaces can revolutionize your company’s communication network.

Think again before relying on traditional conference rooms. Huddle rooms create a dynamic and convenient solution for your team’s content sharing and collaboration initiatives.

These are some of the innovative features that conference huddle rooms may provide:

  • Wall-Mount HD Displays – Save on space and provide high-definition graphics for sharing presentations and videoconferencing.
  • Connectivity Inputs – Allow users to share information from any device using HDMI, DVI, VGA and more.
  • PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Camera and Microphone – Promote better communication with people outside of the room.
  • Wired or Wireless Setup – Facilitate customized collaboration with plug-and-play or wireless streaming devices.
  • Smartboards or Whiteboards – Set priorities, capture information and facilitate brainstorming sessions for your next big idea.
  • Sound Masking – Minimize distracting noises and maintain a level of privacy inside your space.
  • Room Scheduling System – Connect workers to meeting spaces through this web-based scheduling system.
  • Video/Audio Conferencing – Connect with clients or a dispersed workforce anytime and anywhere through secure audio and video conferencing.

The Benefits of Conference Huddle Rooms

If you’re like a growing number of companies, your team and resources are spread throughout an increasingly wider geographic range. With a huddle room outfitted with the right technology, you can use the entire network of your connected users to come up with innovative solutions for your company’s goals. This also gives the opportunity for any remote employees to connect with their broader network as a whole, creating a stronger sense of inclusion.

Huddle rooms also create a space where productivity can happen organically. These rooms lend to an environment that’s free of distraction, conducive to participation, and encourages meaningful engagement for all parties involved in the meeting.

Conference huddle rooms can also serve to enhance experience for your customers. Taking video or phone calls in an open setting can not only be distracting to your coworkers, but to your clients as well. Huddle rooms create the perfect setting to communicate with clients regardless of your industry.

Conference huddle rooms also typically offer a more competitive price point when it comes to your company’s budget as well. The technology used in huddle rooms is typically much less expensive than the technology necessary to furnish larger conference rooms. They provide the ideal solution for collaboration in any office environment for a relatively low cost.

A Dynamic Future

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We’re eager to partner with you to create the ideal solution for your workspace communications. Whether your workspace is a contemporary open floor plan design or an old-fashioned cubicle setup, Trinity Dynamics can work with you to provide the technology your small group meeting rooms need. Contact us today to get started.


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