Trinity Dynamics and Telemedicine: Technology to Help Patients

Using Technology and Virtual Care to Benefit Patients Like the Elderly and Those in Rural Locations

For providers of services for elderly patients, many factors come into play in the search for healthcare options — and at the top of the list is access to quality healthcare while taking into account the limitations of older patients, as well as the specific resources needed in providing the best care. From mobility issues to transportation needs and more, a telehealth option is an ideal solution.

Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine and virtual medicine, is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical healthcare from a distance. It has been used to overcome distance barriers and to improve access to medical services for patients in group homes, in rural areas and with transportation limitations. Telehealth is also used to save lives in critical care and emergency situations because it provides immediate access to emergency medical providers.

In the world of healthcare, the discussion often returns to connecting patients to providers while balancing the challenges of healthcare costs against the highest quality care. Telemedicine applications stand out as a key solution for both healthcare organizations and consumers.

What is a Telemedicine Application?

Think of it as virtual care. Or, in terms of an emergency situation, a virtual ER. Using a telemedicine device, patients are connected with a medical provider through a videoconference. Care providers aid each patient throughout the virtual visit — and can also administer specific diagnostics as needed. The telemedicine kit allows for the doctor to communicate in real time with the patient and caregiver, and lets the doctor perform an exam in order to provide care, prescribe medicine, or make the determination on further needs, such as labs, x-rays, specialists, or to direct them to immediate care in an emergency room. Additionally, telehealth is a cost-saving initiative as these services can help prevent unnecessary doctor visits or hospital admissions.

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Telehealth is becoming more widely available because of improved technologies, indications that reimbursement policies in 2019 will be more favorable to health systems and long-term care facilities because of the normalization of virtual interactions in both personal and professional environments. Telehealth findings in a report from the Center for Connected Medicine and The Health Management Academy shows that expectations for an expansion of telehealth are at an all-time high.

Balance of Care and Costs

What may ultimately differentiate providers and procure value from the investment is whether telehealth strategy is viewed as engaging a new population, yielding visits to higher acuity patients and opening new horizons for care. For example, the long-term care patient in the middle of the night that needs a doctor’s visit: depending on the situation, a virtual consult with an emergency physician might determine that an ambulance is not needed, and care directives can be handled without lost revenue. Then there’s the intangible benefit of reducing patient anxiety through an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Telemedicine results in better patient care because there is more information and direct physician contact with the patient. The type of data collected from remote patient monitoring yields tremendous opportunities for analytics and predictive action — one of the priorities value-based care and healthcare transformation.

The Telemedicine Solution Every Care-Provider Organization Needs

Trinity Dynamics provides high-quality telehealth solutions that allow remote consultation and treatment, delivering a complete virtual consultation and examination. By equipping provider organizations like hospitals, home healthcare services, nursing homes and schools with videoconferencing technology and FDA-approved diagnostic devices, Trinity Dynamics is leading the way in innovation. Trinity Dynamics provides a full range of solutions to meet the requirements of different environments: a highly mobile telemedicine kit, a tabletop kiosk and a roll stand solution. All offerings provide a full range of FDA-approved medical devices, including a camera, otoscope, thermometer, blood pressure device, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, glucometer, respirometer and additional devices currently under development.


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