KEEPING OFFICES SAFE: Cleaning sensitive technology and audiovisual equipment

In today’s new world of social distancing, masks, gloves and the heightened need for surfaces to be extra clean with the use of disinfectants — cleaning the office takes on a whole new responsibility, especially if you are a company with lots of employees, customers, and visitors. Door handles, desks, phones are all important to clean because they are so frequently used and they can be cleaned using standard cleaners with appropriate levels of disinfectant. But what about those fancy, hi-tech, and expensive flat panels and touchscreen pieces of audiovisual equipment throughout your office? How do you clean those without damaging their sensitive display surfaces?

Touchscreens, such as those placed outside meeting rooms for reserving the space, located in a lobby for check-in purposes, or even as a way to make a payment are more popular than ever and are certainly the future of digital technology.

Digital signage provides wayfinding in lobby areas, promotes future events, highlights specific products or service, displays emergency information and shows streaming stock tickers.

Both touchscreens and digital signage displays can be found in many public spaces, such as airports, corporate reception areas, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, school campuses, theme parks and more … meaning lots of interaction with the public, and lots of risk for spreading germs. As private offices and public buildings alike open up, the public will need to utilize those types of screens, and thus, the need to keep the screens disinfected.

What is the best way to clean or disinfect touchpanel displays?

Trinity Dynamics uses Crestron technology and products in many of our projects, including The University of Kentucky (UK) Medical Center, the UPS Visitor’s Center, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center , and more.

Crestron, a global leader in advanced workplace technology, provides simple steps on how to clean and disinfect Crestron touchscreens to help protect the people who use them:


  1. Using a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol, moisten a non-linting microfiber cloth until it is damp but not over-saturated.
  2. Gently wipe down the exposed exterior surfaces, including the touch screen and housing of the devices.  To prevent inadvertent damage, don’t allow any moisture/liquid into any openings and don’t let any moisture/liquid pool on the unit.
  3. If water marks appear, they may be removed by gently wiping with a clean, non-linting microfiber cloth.
  4. A bleach-based or chlorine solution of any kind must not be used on Crestron products.



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