Telemedicine Services Reduce Admissions by 35% at VA

ID-100129763The use of telemedicine technology within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health system has reduced admissions by 35%, according to a new study by Adam Darkins, Chief Consultant for Telehealth Services. The study also concludes the number of patients accessing telehealth through the VA is growing by approximately 22% annually. “Telehealth in VA is the forerunner of a wider vision, one in which the relationship between patients and the health care system will dramatically change with the full realization of the ‘connected patient,” Darkins concludes. “The high levels of patient satisfaction with telehealth, and positive clinical outcomes, attest to this direction being the right one.”

“The VA has been a leader in telemedicine,” says John Jennings, Trinity Video’s AVP of Midwest Operations and Chief Technology Officer. “This is largely because they have the advantage of working within a closed managed care system, which eliminate many of the challenges that the private sector faces,” says Jennings.

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