Telemedicine market to reach $35 billion by 2018

The telemedicine industry continues to experience substantial growth due to a number of factors including the availability of better mobile technologies, more advanced electronic health records, and to some extent, a shortage of specialists. These and other factors are fueling the industry and have analysts speculating as to how big and how fast the industry may grow. According to BCC Research, a leading market research company covering changes driven by science and technology, by 2018 the global telemedicine market will grow to $35.1 billion and expand at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.9% from 2013 to 2018. This estimate is an exponential increase from the industry’s 2012 estimates of $2.5 billion. No matter the projected growth rate, telemedicine technology will continue to transform the way patients interact and communicate with their healthcare providers.

Trinity Video Communications has also seen an uptick in interest regarding telemedicine. John Jennings, Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said they have had had more interest in telemedicine than any other segment over the past six months. “With all of the changes impacting the healthcare industry, everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs and improve quality of care.   Telemedicine provides a platform to do just that. We expect to see a significant growth in Telemedicine business over the next 2-5 years.”

If your organization is seeking a low-cost, high-tech solution to provide accessible healthcare services, then consider Trinity’s Touchscreen Mobile Telemedicine Station and Mobile Responder products. These units are designed to work in any healthcare environment. Some of the features include an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, high-definition camera and antibacterial work surface.

Visit for more details on Trinity’s Mobile Telemedicine Station and Mobile Responder products. Or, contact us today at 1-800-261-9008 to schedule a demonstration at your location or at our Louisville, Kentucky or Sterling, Virginia offices.


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