Commercial Integrator Magazine, Trinity CTO review integrator landscape

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Excerpts taken from the full article: “Here Come the Resi Dealers”. Original article date, September 2013.


For his recent article on the influx of residential integrators into the commercial space and how the increased competition impacts the industry, Commercial Integrator Magazine staff writer D. Craig MacCormack interviewed John Jennings, AVP/CTO at Trinity Video Communications, to get his opinion on the issue. Industry research shows that on average about 35% of a residential integrator’s work comes from commercial business. But, for a larger company like Trinity, residential integrators have little to no impact on revenue. Jennings says he rarely runs into residential integrators trying their hand on big projects, such as the government work his company focuses on. “Sometimes we’re bidding against them for a law firm or something like that,” Jennings says. Among the problems he sees residential dealers have in the commercial world is trying to use products that are typically made for residential use in a commercial setting.

It can go the other way too, with dealers trying to sell clients on high-end products to create better margins for themselves. “You have to look at usage,” he says. “If these monitors are only going to be used a few hours a week, you can’t try to sell them high-end equipment that is rated for 7×24 operation,” he says. “We’re priced out if we do. So the profit margins are smaller and the total project is smaller, but that’s better than nothing. If a client looks only at price, that can impact us. But on the larger projects, which is our core business anyway, having the lower price doesn’t really change all that much.”  To read the full article, visit

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