States push toward Telemedicine integration

In support of the effort to provide accessible healthcare at an affordable cost, many states, including New York and Utah, are making legislative strides in adopting and integrating telemedicine products and services further into the existing care model.

In the New York Senate, legislation was recently introduced to develop and provide telehealth and telemedicine services in the state and also establish telehealth and telemedicine development research grants. The legislation would enact the “New York State Telehealth/Telemedicine Development Act” to coordinate and focus state policy and program planning directly for telehealth and telemedicine. Section 2799-u would establish a telehealth/telemedicine development program to coordinate state administrative responsibilities and planning efforts relative to telehealth and telemedicine. In Utah, a rule has been put in place, rule (R414-42), governing the provision for providing telehealth home health services in the state. The rule has been in effect as of February 1, 2013 and outlines eligibility, access requirements, coverage, limitations, and reimbursement for telehealth home health services.

As the cost of telemedicine products and services continue to decrease, one can speculate that more states will follow in New York and Utah’s footsteps by embracing this useful and efficient technology.


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