Breaking Down Information Barriers

In today’s world, more and more people use technology tools to communicate and learn. Consumers expect, and often demand, digital information interactions from businesses, schools, and government agencies. Courtroom proceedings have historically been bastions of paper-based communications and breaking down information barriers using technology is transforming today’s courtrooms.

Trinity Video Communications has developed and deployed a solution for Jefferson County Kentucky courtrooms that is assisting trial attorneys with the organization and presentation of digital information. We are excited to share their news with you.

Attorney Patrick Michael (Dinsmore & Stohl LLP) wrote an article about Technology in the Courtroom on the Law Technology Today blog. Michael describes his group’s (Jefferson Courtroom Upgrade Project LLC’s (“JCUP”)) partnership with Trinity Video Communications in the post.

Trinity Video Communications is prepared to help your business break down information barriers. We have a variety of audio visual solutions that can be tailored to your particular needs.  Trinity has developed a number of solutions for courtrooms and the legal community. Contact our team today so that we can begin to help you tomorrow.


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