Advancing Healthcare Through Telemedicine

Using telemedicine to provide care for underserved communities

A look at how a company in rural Kentucky is using telemedicine to care for their patients who might not otherwise have access to medical care.

As telemedicine has grown from its beginnings into a broadly adopted approach, providers have often been limited by expensive technology with limited usability. Trinity Dynamics provides a full range of solutions to meet the requirements of different environments: a highly mobile telemedicine kit and a roll stand solution.

Rural locations in Kentucky are often underserved with access to medical care — but Trinity Dynamics and Family Health Care Associates in Knox County have teamed up to bring care to those patients with high-quality telehealth technology that enables virtual consultation, examination, and treatment that eliminates time and distance barriers between remote patients and their providers.

Gina Good, Founder and CEO of Family Health Care Associates in Knox County, implemented the use of telemedicine technology to help her team provide their patients access to medical providers. “We currently have five cases and we are using them in the field,” Good says. “We use them in the school system and in homes with patients who are homebound and unable to get out and see a provider.”

Gina Good, Founder and CEO of Family Health Care Associates in Barbourville, KY

Having a telemedicine option in rural schools helps ensure that school-age children are receiving important medical care — and Good says that adding the telemedicine and videoconferencing component to her company’s lists of services means they have been able to meet some of the needs that weren’t met and close the gap on school-age children in rural areas of Knox County.

Benefits for both providers and patients

Through innovative technology solutions, telemedicine connects patients and providers and allows for real-time examination and treatment and follow-up. Additional benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Helping manage chronic conditions such as diabetes
  • Administering needed medications
  • Providing access to doctors for routine checkups and care
  • Validating immunization records
  • And much more

A few years ago, Family Health Care Associates started to offer telemedicine as a pilot program to see if it would be a solution for providing care to their rural patients — and anticipated that there would potentially be some hesitation with using the technology for medical care. “In rural counties, often new technologies aren’t as easily received,” she says. “However, with the education and the support system with Trinity Dynamics, we have not had any issues that were not resolved immediately.” Overall, Good reports that the transition has been smooth. “The technology is HIPAA compliant and the connection that Trinity Dynamics provides is safe and secure.”

Success using telemedicine in rural Kentucky

In fact, Good says, they have had an excellent outcome within the rural school districts as they have been able to further care for children using the telemedicine and videoconferencing component. After three years using the equipment, she says they have been approved by additional school districts and medical providers, and foresees a major expansion in the future.

“We wanted to make sure we were working with a company who would give us the service that we need,” Good says. “When you introduce a new service, you anticipate bugs to work out  — but it has been a smooth transition. Working with Trinity Dynamics has been wonderful.”

For customers needing access to a provider network, Trinity Dynamics partners with a preferred provider group already trained in ER Medicine and the use of our telemedicine technology. This enables us to provide you with a fully customized telemedicine program – hardware, software, and provider network.

At Trinity Dynamics, we’re proud to help provide important medical care through telemedicine.


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