Telemedicine Keeps Students in Class, Not a Waiting Room

A disruption to student learning and a parent’s work schedule, routine doctor visits and the occasional unexpected illness are often a logistical challenge.  From getting a same day appointment to a parent missing valuable work time, a simple trip to the doctor’s office can wreak havoc on school and work schedules alike.  Telemedicine offers a solution to help fix this problem and schools across the country are taking notice, and the necessary steps, to launch in-school telemedicine programs.

The concept is quite simple.  Using telemedicine technology, which may include a video monitor, high-resolution camera, and basic peripherals for vital signs monitoring, schools are saving students and parents the stress caused by a mid-week trip to the doctor.  And while a video visit with a doctor is not meant to replace those times when face-to-face consultation is warranted, it is a useful and appropriate tool for routine check-ups and non-emergency situations.  As usage advances, States are working to establish appropriate fees and reimbursement parameters.  As such, reimbursement is quickly becoming a non-issue, according to the American Telemedicine Association, as 28 states and the District require private insurers to cover telemedicine appointments as they would face-to-face doctor visits, while at least 18 states authorize Medicaid reimbursement for telemedicine services provided in schools.

“The technology is available and proven to be efficient in delivering non-emergent care,” said John Jennings, AVP of Information Technology at Trinity Video Communications.  “And with reimbursement concerns actively being addressed, it makes sense to assume more schools will follow this path in 2017 and beyond.  Our company has already seen increased interest in both Trinity’s mobile telemedicine station and fixed wall-mounted solutions,” said Jennings.

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