Most states reimburse telemedicine services, criteria varies


A review of reimbursement practices by state shows that most states do provide some sort of compensation for telemedicine/telehealth services, although each is unique in its approach. 44 states currently provide reimbursement-those not doing so include Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Today, the most reimbursed delivery form of telemedicine is live video, with the aforementioned 44 states on-board. Unfortunately, this can’t be said for every use of the technology. For example, for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services, only seven states (Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Utah and Washington) provide reimbursement, which is done through their Medicaid Health programs. There are an additional three states that do provide reimburse for RPM services, but do so through programs in their Department of Aging Services. It is clear that almost every state, in some form or fashion, believes the availability of telemedicine services to its taxpayers is a positive, although many are wrestling with the who, what, when, where and why a video “visit” qualifies for reimbursement. As the technology is more widely accepted and implemented, a standardized reimbursement model that can be adopted by every state should be explored, which would help to eliminate uncertainties for patient and healthcare provider.

If your organization is seeking a low-cost, high-tech solution to provide accessible healthcare services, then consider Trinity’s Touchscreen Mobile Telemedicine Station. This unit is designed to work in any healthcare environment. Some of the features include an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, high-definition camera and height-adjustable tabletop with antibacterial work surface.

Visit our Healthcare Solutions page for more details on Trinity’s Mobile Telemedicine Station. Or, contact us today at 1-800-261-9008 to speak with a Trinity representative to schedule a demonstration at your location or at our Louisville, Kentucky or Sterling, Virginia offices.


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