Sequestration Proving Fruitful for Videoconferencing Providers

DSC_0154Sequestration has led to across the board spending cuts for federal agencies, with travel expenses being a category expected to cut almost $15 billion. Although this does not bode well for travel-related industries such as airlines and hotels, it is proving fruitful for video and teleconferencing integrators, as the industry has seen a recent lift in overall sales with no sign of slowing down. As one industry executive states, “It’s sequestration for sure…but it’s also technology.” Easy-to-use and a low cost of entry, commercial and government entities alike are becoming quick adopters of the technology. Earlier this year, the U.S. Chief Financial Officers Council put forth parameters for conference planning, suggesting agencies forgo meeting in public unless first establishing “physical collocation of Federal employees in a conference setting is a necessary and cost-effective means to carry out the agency’s mission (and that other, lower-cost options, such as videoconferencing, have been explored).”


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