School is in (remote) session! Dynamic audiovisual solutions for Classrooms


There are many dynamic solutions that make distance learning easier to use and much more engaging for students and teachers alike —  and we’re proud to offer a variety of them to our customers

This fall, educators will be harnessing the power of AV technology more than ever before. It’s a challenging, yet exciting transition. AV equipment can assist in this transition in a few different ways: it can help upgrade lectures from a static view to a dynamic experience that keeps students more fully engaged, lectures can be recorded for easy playback and viewing, and it helps students continue learning during a stressful time.

As schools are preparing for the upcoming semester, administrators are looking to strike a balance between resuming normal operations and providing distance learning. Trinity Dynamics, in partnership with Legrand | AV,  offers support and solutions for education applications including: live streaming a class session, sharing course content, or receiving calls from students on an impromptu video call.

There are three types of distance learning solutions:

  • Asynchronous: Students learn at their own pace using content that was pre-recorded or researched separately. To support asynchronous distance learning, schools should consider installing lecture capture systems.
  • Synchronous: Students and teachers meet at the same time, usually through videoconferencing platforms. The students can ask questions and the teacher can provide instant feedback.
  • Hybrid learning: A combination of both asynchronous and synchronous distance learning. Some face-t0-face instruction and some independent learning.

Over the next week, we’re going to share some of the innovative solutions that educational systems can utilize to best support their teachers and students for remote learning. Today, we’re starting with Portable Video Conferencing and all of its many dynamic and user-friendly features.


  • Easily portable to share with other rooms and staff
  • Quick alternative to a less permanent install
  • A repeatable setup to utilize in multiple locations
  • Asynchronous or Synchronous learning solutions
  • For distance learning, lecture capture, streaming and video conferencing



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