Medical Boards to Focus on Telemedicine in 2017

As states struggle with how to shape their telemedicine legislation, the technology continues to gain adoption on a mass scale.  “Telemedicine is an exploding field both in terms of the number of services delivered and the types of services being delivered using the technology,” said Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).  According to a recent survey by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), telemedicine tops the list as the number one priority for medical boards in 2017.  Other topics of note, in order, include Opioid resource allocation, medical licensing, physician re-entry into practice, and medical marijuana.

Projected by industry analysts to be a $40Billion+ industry by 2021, telemedicine is positioned for major growth across all sectors, including teledermatology, where a new study in JAMA Dermatology finds teledermatology services have shorter wait times for assessment and diagnosis, and provides high patient satisfaction.  In addition to teledermatology, several other specialties have incorporated telemedicine technology into their evaluation, consultation, and patient follow-up processes.  A 2015 survey counts dermatology as the most prolific telemedicine user, followed by infectious disease, pain management, neurology, and others.

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