AV Technology in 2022: What have we learned in the last 2 years?

Hello, 2022. We’re such a long way from March 2020 when the world nearly shut down – when businesses pivoted to remote working and Zoom technology in an instant. Since then, like so many others out there, the audiovisual industry has experienced a rapid transformation of business as the pandemic propelled reliable, interactive AV technology to the top of company’s project list.

Did you know? The Trinity Dynamics team is made up of certified Zoom installers?

Was everyone ready to switch to remote work?

Not only did companies need to ramp up their remote working (and in the case of schools, remote learning) capabilities, but out of that came a whole new way of communicating with customers, employees and vendors. Plus, the technology know-how and the equipment infrastructure and updates that were needed to support all that remote work became immediately imperative in order for many businesses to survive.

Many businesses realized that because they’d already chosen to work with an audiovisual company to handle servers, set-ups, training, management and maintenance, they were well positioned to pivot to the additional demands that the pandemic put on communications and audiovisual technology. And, for some businesses with that AV plan in place, they were able to enhance what they had – in the case of GBBN Architects, the downtime was an opportune time to install a video wall.

And, for those companies that quickly found out where they were lacking in terms of AV technology, there was help to be found with companies such as Trinity that could step in and configure the appropriate technology and infrastructure to keep their businesses humming along despite the limitations of the pandemic.

Looking ahead on the AV landscape

Since the pandemic lingers on, and companies, hospitals, schools, restaurants and so much more once again find themselves with restrictions and closings, the need for audiovisual and communications technology and equipment continues. It’s apparent: companies large and small have had to really up their AV game to support this new way of working. And the successful organizations recognize that they cannot do everything in-house and must turn to outside partners to ensure the very best in audiovisual technology and equipment.

But, the good news is, Trinity Dynamics is here to help – we’re an AVIXA-certified company, and we hire the best AV engineers, installers and support staff to keep your business running smooth – no matter where your business is being run from, someone’s home office or in the corporate office.

Has AV Inventory Gone AWOL?

We asked our team, ‘what’s the one thing people don’t think about when they go to choose their AV setup?’ and the answer was unanimous: level of inventory by manufacturer. Persistent supply chain issues have had an effect on all industries and the AV industry is feeling the strain. Working with an experienced team with deep knowledge for sourcing materials and equipment is key – and getting a plan in place for ongoing management and maintenance will keep your businesses AV tech humming along!

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