Audiovisual as a Service (AVaaS)

Introducing a new offering designed to help clients get the latest AV Technology and save costs

Trinity Dynamics is excited to now offer Audiovisual as a Service, or AVaaS. This allows our customers to ensure current technology without the need to own the equipment — meaning there’s no worry about equipment depreciation, support plans are built in and there’s a predictable technology cost that helps preserve cash and credit lines. One of the best features of AVaaS, however, is that it customers can select the options that best fit their needs. We’re here to help our customers get the AV technology they need without having unnecessary equipment and over-paying for items and services they don’t need. Having an AVaaS program also offers the flexibility to add or remove services as needed. This managed service offering is truly a convenient, worry-free way to enjoy the latest audiovisual technology without the hassle.

Did you know that AV Technology should be consumed like your cell phone, printers/copiers, laptops etc.? Audiovisual as a Service makes it possible for your company to have the latest technology without the worry of ownership, maintenance, and updates. There’s no reason why you should carry those costs or worry. We can help!



  • 36-60 month scheduled term
  • Monthly payment agreement (rental) where customer never owns equipment
  • OpEx costs instead of CapEx costs
  • Single payment for all hardware, software, services, support, etc.
  • At end of term, a customer can upgrade/refresh, return, or go into month-to-month renewal


  • Predictable technology budget
  • Preserve cash and credit lines
  • Protect against equipment depreciation
  • Keep technology current
  • Convenience … worry-free AV!

Bundle in Support

Service and support agreements are important to your audiovisual investment. Once the installation is complete and customers begin using the equipment, it’s vital that regular maintenance and an ongoing support plan is set in place to keep things running smoothly. AVaaS includes a cost-effective solution to keeping AV equipment and its needed support service up to date on a regular basis, but also during those times when support is needed immediately. Our support teams resolve problems quickly, handle all system installations, software upgrades and any needed repairs — and we’ll handle keeping track of when those tasks are needed so customers can focus on their business, not worrying about their AV technology.


Did you know? When the time comes to upgrade your technology, you’ll need to come up with a game plan on what to do with your old technology. Believe it or not, it can cost you more to dispose of the equipment properly. With an AVaaS service plan in place, you don’t have to worry about that!

Empower To Power On

Welcome to a More Dynamic Future

Notice something different? Trinity Video Communications is now Trinity Dynamics.
Same trusted company, but with a name that captures our passion, pioneering spirit and enhanced capabilities.

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