From the chalkboard to the latest classroom technology

Schools around the country are open — or are preparing to open — in some form or fashion: on-site, distance learning, or a hybrid form of it. It seems no two school systems have the same plan for reopening. But there’s one overarching thing that all school districts, universities, and educational institutions have in common: audiovisual technology, and how to appropriately respond to the need for social distancing in order to keep students, teachers, and communities safe during the time of COVID. And the only way to do that, is to employ the use of technology.

But handing a student a laptop isn’t the solution that works, and schools are realizing how limiting it is to have a teacher sit behind a computer screen to teach. Studies have shown that interactive classrooms are best and there are limitless uses of technology to achieve the ideal environment despite the constraints of distance learning. (Read more on this topic in our blog.)

Technology is fundamental in classroom curriculum

A recent CNN article  delved into the subject of what distance learning should look like in this pandemic school year, and the application of technology. This excerpt is particularly appropriate:

‘ “And when done right, it’s just as rewarding as in-person teaching,” said Eric Sheninger, a distance learning expert and associate partner with the International Center for Leadership in Education, which provides professional development services for educators. “It really is about using technology in meaningful ways that engage kids to think and apply their thinking in relevant ways.” ‘

Whether students are at home, or teachers are in the classrooms, using technology to help provide an education to the millions of children across the country is key to their lifelong interest in learning. And the educational system needs to use tools that accentuate the positives of remote learning, not limit them.

Working with an audiovisual engineering team that’s knowledgeable on all things AV and education is key — Trinity Dynamics has the skilled experience, talented installers, and vendor partnerships to ensure that classrooms, schools, and entire districts and universities are set up and ready to harness the right technology for success. Because distance learning isn’t going to entirely go away, pandemic or not. It’ll only expand. Now’s the time for educational institutions to invest in a strategy and the right technologies.


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