UK Healthcare Simulation Lab

Lexington, Kentucky

Educating today’s students and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders

The UK HealthCare Simulation Center is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary training and research facility created to advance patient safety by educating today’s students and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders with the most advanced simulation technology and experiential learning in alignment with established medical curricula and enterprise goals.

Trinity Dynamics helped design and handled the installation and engineering of the interactive audiovisual within the 7,000-square-foot facility located within the Chandler Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. The center features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment with recording and playback capabilities, four 85” LG display screens and in-room flat screen displays for simulation education and playback.

Simulation complements traditional teaching modes with experiential learning for undergraduate and graduate medical education and hospital populations to improve skills, teamwork, communication, and safety through training, research and innovation.

advanced, interactive audiovisual equipment and technology

Imperative to creating a learning environment that would support comprehensive training in a simulation lab is the use of the most advanced, interactive audiovisual equipment and technology.

Simulation has become a significant training tool in the operating room (OR). It can be used in both simple task training and complex scenarios — and is an important and ongoing need for healthcare, especially at top-tier medical facilities such as the UK HealthCare system. This type of training allows doctors, nurses and students to perform medical procedures on automated mannequins to train without putting actual patients at risks.

For this project, the audiovisual system had to manage the capture and encoding of audio and video from each of the patient rooms, ICU, and OR, using h.264 encoding and transport this to servers that can record and playback each session for future review.  The system also had to allow for live monitoring of each session via the main control room or in the Debrief rooms.  To accomplish this, Trinity Dynamics designed and deployed a Crestron based control system to manage all devices connected to the system.  This includes a Biamp Audio Digital Audio System Processor,12 PTZ Optics Full 1080p Cameras, Intercom between Room, Source Routing between rooms and video recording servers.

Trinity Dynamics provided audiovisual in the following spaces:

HPS (Operating Room)

Gold standard in high-fidelity patient simulation with anesthesia, respiratory and critical care training that interfaces with real clinical monitors and ventilators.

IStan (Intensive Care Unit)

Originally designed for the military with wireless functionality and on-board fluids for flexible, mobile training; includes upper airway designed from CT scan data of a real human patient.

PediaSim ECS (Sim 1)

Realistic reproduction of a 6-year-old child provides advanced pediatric simulation training for pediatric emergency and critical care.

Apollo (Sim 2)

Stunningly real aesthetic, designed for medical and allied health education in a prehospital patient configuration featuring wireless and tetherless for mobile training.

Licina (Sim 3)

Obstetric simulator that allows for practice of pre-partum assessment, labor, delivery, post-partum emergency care and transport that responds automatically to multiple obstetric maneuvers and clinical interventions


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