BYOD…From the Enterprise to Education

From the boardroom to the classroom, the BYOD phenomenon has reached educational facilities at all levels of learning, although use by grade level does vary. According to results from the 2013 SIIA Vision K-20 Survey, only 20% of the Elementary segment currently allows personal devices in the classroom, compared to almost 50% of Secondary and K-12 segments. This discrepancy is in part due to the age gap that exists between the segments, but in the future that gap is expected to shrink due to future system advancements and technology’s usefulness in the facilitation of learning. Of the institutions that currently allow BYOD, more than 75% of K-12 educators report restrictions on their use in the classroom. From the results published in the study, it is clear that educators in both K-12 and Postsecondary are eager to further implement technology into the learning environment, but there is a “crawl before you walk” phase educators must endure before a consistent and workable structure is in-place to govern usage, liability and other issues associated with BYOD technology.

Trinity Video Communications is a leading provider of Audio/Video solutions to educators at every level. We understand how to develop solutions that effectively conveys material to students and the important role technology plays in a productive learning environment. Our interactive solutions improve all facets of learning – from course development to curriculum delivery to content management. Trinity’s video solutions make media-rich learning a reality for even the most challenged budgets.

If you have questions about what solution is right for your school, ask the experts at Trinity. Trinity Video Communications provides the most cutting-edge technology including software and BYOD-based solutions. Trinity is based in Louisville, Kentucky, with additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Sterling, Virginia.

To learn more, contact a Trinity representative today at 800-261-9008.


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